Tuesday, September 11, 2007


If you exercise regularly (or are planning on starting, is a site that allows you to:

Record your workouts
Log all your workouts such as running, cycling, swimming, and weight training. Create custom workouts to track your other activities in your active lifestyle.

Create running routes
Measure your running routes and create elevation profiles. Our mapping tool is easy and fun to use. It is an excellent alternative to the expensive GPS devices.

Analyze your data
Visualize your training progress through colorful graphs. Find specific workout entries using different criteria. Track your shoe mileage to reduce injury.

Join or start a training group
Whether you just started running or training for another marathon, there is a running group in RunningAHEAD that can help you achieve your goals.

Share training experiences
Meet other fellow runners in the RunningAHEAD community. Exchange running tips, receive answers to your questions, or talk about anything else.

Registration is required, but membership is free.