Thursday, November 15, 2007

The power of two

Regular exercise can be a lonely and dispiriting business. Whatever the ads show you, it's not all smiles and vitality. An awful lot of it is about turning up and getting it over and done with.

Exercising at home is an attractive prospect, with no gym fees or travelling required. However, the majority of home gym equipment gets a week of usage before gathering dust in the corner of a bedroom or garage.

Working out with a partner has a number of benefits including:

- encouragement to turn up

- incentive to improve

- someone to banter with

- spotting partner for weights

If your 'partner' is fitter/stronger than you (or visa versa) this doesn't have to be a disadvantage, giving one person a target to aim for, and as the performance gap closes, an incentive for the 'stronger' partner to keep the gap open.