Monday, January 01, 2007

Another year, another blog

My name is Brett Jordan.

I'm in my mid-forties.

I was born with a lot of advantages.

Parents who devoted their lives to equipping me with excellent survival tools. Roots. Wings. Love. Education. The golden rule. The value of hard work.

Providence/happenstance placed me in the middle economic strata of one of the richest countries on the planet.

I have a body that enjoys good health.

I became a Christian in my late teens, and my faith is a source of hope and strength, as well as continually challenging and re-shaping my worldview.

I have four intelligent, healthy, loving children.

Last year I started a blog. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed maintaining it, and how many people enjoyed viewing it. It is essentially a 'I found this cool stuff and thought I'd share it' kind of site, and I'll continue publishing it until I get bored with it.

A number of people have said they would like to hear a little bit more about me. This will be the site for them. The aim will be for it to publish a couple of ideas a week based on my own personal experience, so it's worth using the RSS feed. The topics will be unashamedly 'Brett-shaped', and will make no claims to be exhaustively researched.

Comments are enabled, and welcomed.


Teifion said...

I've subscribed and look forwards to reading more.

brett jordan said...

Bless your heart nephew... I hope you have a very good 2007.

Your ever-luvvin' uncle brett

Big Bad Pete said...

You would think that someone who works with words would know that there should be an apostrophe in penn'orth, or is this you being an arty designer type. On the other hand maybe I should just stick to driving the van! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs in 2007

brett jordan said...

Hi BBP, as someone who has an obsession with words, i spent a lot of time wrestling with how to punctuate 'two pennorth'.

historically it is variously spelled 'two-penn'orth', 'two penn'orth' and two pennorth' and even 'two pennyworth', with just about every combination of apostrophe and hyphen possible...

i eventually plumped for the simplest expression, however, a subsequent 'googling' of the expression shows that usage seems to favour 'your' spelling... so, as usage is historically the decider in things grammatical, i have changed the title to your spelling :-)

all the best


Sora said...

My pappy has very friendly eyes (referring to the photo at the top of this post) :3

Looking forward to reading the blog, consider yourself bookmarked

Lots of love xx

brett jordan said...

Hi Sora, nice to have you 'on board' :-)




Major Look said...

I see you missed out the bit about being blessed with a lovely brother that has been a source of inspiration and never ending supply of encouragement and whose perfect physical shape was the real reason you chose to get on the diet plan!

Bah humbug.

brett jordan said...

Hi Major

I did think about mentioning you, but knowing how shy and retiring you are, decided to respect your cherished anonimity.

Regarding the content of your comment, I can unreservedly endorse the fact that I have been blessed with a lovely brother

However, I'll leave your friends, acquaintances, sons, daughter, nephews and nieces to comment on the rest :-)