Thursday, January 04, 2007


Breathing is one of the few bodily functions which can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously.

The respiratory system eliminates 70% of your metabolic waste.

Perspiration accounts for 19%.

'Bathroom activities' contribute a surprisingly meagre 10%.

Most people breathe high in the chest, and in a shallow, irregular manner, which leads to reduced brain function, and in some people, anxiety attacks.

The internet is full of sites with masses of data and exercises. Just Google 'breathing properly' and take your pick!

The bottom line is to take time to fill your lungs with air.


Major Look said...

Just to be pedantic, but you have to breathe 'out' as well. :-)

brett jordan said...

Thank you once again Major for your sage advice. And then, for the mentally challenged, in again, and then out again, and then in again, and then out again...

Sora said...

*lets out a breath and takes in anoter, ready to repeat* Thank you for clearing that one up!

Just reading the title made me start taking in deeper breathes... wasn't aware breathing was that important actually, very interesting <3

Jason said...

to 'almost' quote an ex big brother contestant....

"I like breathing, I do'!

So, because we seem to breathe deeper when asleep, is this why sometimes we dream so vividly? The increase in oxygen to the brain is making it work overtime?

Well Mr Brett?

And like Sora.... I found myself breathing deeper after reading this... but I made myself a little light headed!!!!

brett jordan said...

Hi Jason

I'm not sure that we do breathe deeper when we are asleep, although we probably breathe more 'naturally'