Thursday, July 26, 2007


You've got a number of things to do. One of them includes mowing the lawn. It is dry outside, but clouds are looming.

All the other jobs can be done while it is raining.

Mow the lawn now. Not later.

Yes. Now.


soraneko said...

... but I hate mowing the lawn D:

soraneko said...
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brett jordan said...

i guess you'll have to wait for my blog on delegating :-)

Big Bad Pete said...

Trust me, the first priority is to go to

brett jordan said...

bbp... i'm ashamed of you... encouraging me to expand my carbon footprint :-)

Mr Bill said...

Re Astroturf - Love the concept. I would be fascinated to know just how realistic it looks and feels in real life. I also loved the way they explain how to nail it down at the edges if there were 'curious' animals trying to dig it up.