Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A tasty, low-calorie, high-protein meal

Bring 150g of new potatoes (104 calories) to the boil, set a timer for 18 minutes and leave to simmer. When the buzzer goes, put 100g of chopped tinned tomatoes (20 calories) in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

Remove from microwave, and leave (covered) while you nuke 70g of frozen sweetcorn (70 calories) for 3 minutes.

Open and drain a 150g tin of tuna in brine or spring water(150 calories). Remove the potatoes from the boil (they should have been on for about 25 minutes by now) and drain them.

Bung it all on a plate, pour yourself a glass of water, and enjoy a meal that provides you with nearly 40 grammes of protein, almost no fat and just 350 calories.

(If you haven't got 25 minutes to wait for the potatoes to cook, a bag of low fat/low salt potato crisps provides a reasonable substitute, and a similar amount of calories)


Big Bad Pete said...

And you were doing so well 'till you got to the tin of tuna. Substitute a tin of aduki beans ( available at most supermarkets) and you'll be on the money.

brett jordan said...

Thanks for that BBP, although your relentless attrition of the vegetable species does continue to sadden me.

Aduki (or Adzuki) beans are an excellent food source, rich in micronutrients and low in fat... however 150 calories-worth of 'em will only provide you with 9g of protein.

Mr Bill said...

...and then have a mars bar ice cream for dessert!!

brett jordan said...

yep (177 calories), washed down with a 175ml glass of white wine (123 calories) and you've enjoyed a full meal that weighs in at far less calories than a Big Mac & fries (840 calories).

Mr Bill said...

just the 'one' glass of wine? Better make mine a large glass!

brett jordan said...

Just a large glass Mr Bill, are you cutting back? I seem to remember your preferred method of consumption is simply sticking a couple of straws in a 4 litre wine box.