Thursday, November 29, 2007


Journal keeping is a good way of collecting your thoughts and feelings.

- Fill in the top of each day's entry with the day, date, time.

- Write whatever you are feeling, don’t hold back anything.

- Keep your journal safe from prying eyes.

- Try and write something every day.

- You can write as if praying to God, talking to yourself, or to no one in particular, the important thing is that you write!

- Some people find it useful to have having a different focus for different days of the week e.g. Monday - family, Tuesday - exercise, Wednesday - reading, etc.

- At the end of each month, and each year, review your journal for recurring topics.


The Krow said...

thanks for sharing. I often forget the importance of journaling; especially how it has helped shape and fulfill my spiritual life. It's silly to forget since I carry my journal everywhere. But your post prompted a great reminder to me of it's more important to use it then carry it with me always. Kind of like the bible in my backpack :)

The Krow

brett jordan said...

thanks for the comment, 'jericho's dad' :-)


Mr Bill said...

I have tried journalling, but always forget to do it and then I get frustrated that I have such large gaps in the journal, so try and remember what happened, and fill in the blanks - and then eventually give up :-(

However, when I do manage to do it I have found MacJournal a great program (Mariner Software).

brett jordan said...

I've tried macjournal, and agree that it is a great program. I also like the fact that I can password-protect my entries :-)

However, I do find that writing a journal by hand has a more 'real' feel, especially as it makes it more difficult to 'edit' it as a I go along, thereby giving a more accurate picture of how I am feeling when I'm writing it. I can even tell whether I was rushed or relaxed by my handwriting style (or lack of it!).