Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 minute jobs

Most weekday mornings I get up at 5.00am, make myself a cup of coffee, read a portion of Scripture, brush my teeth, (occasionally) shave, and get ready to drive to the gym for my morning workout.

The gym opens about 6.25 am. The journey to the gym takes about 22 minutes. I'm generally ready to alarm and lock my house by 6.00 am. However, sometimes I'm ready by 5.55 am. I could sit down and read for a few minutes. Or sit in the gym car park listening to my iPod. Or, I could do something more useful.

I've discovered that you can get a surprising amount of work done in 5 minutes, it can help 'break the back' of a lot of the repetitive chores that are a part of most of our lives.

Here are a few '5 minute jobs':

- wash up and dry some crockery, cutlery and glassware

- refuel your vehicle

- vacuum a room

- transfer recycled refuse to the relevant bins

- check and delete a number of SMS messages on your mobile phone

- load up the washing machine

- check/organise your fridge/cupboard contents