Thursday, May 17, 2007



- Exercises all major muscle groups.

- Improves cardio-vascular fitness and muscle strength.

- Burns LOTS of calories.

- Kind to joints.

- Strengthens lower back when performed properly.


- Proper rowing requires water, club membership, training and a boat.

- Good stationary rowing machines are expensive.

- If performed with bad technique, lower back can suffer.

- Very demanding.

- Stationary rowing is REALLY boring.


soraneko said...

Tips for rowing correctly and avoiding back pain? Used to be able to do it and can't think what I'm doing wrong :x

brett jordan said...

I'll get you on the waterrower next time you visit Harrow, until then...

he's not as good as me, but it will give you a general idea :-)

Anonymous said...

Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do, hands down. Though I hate to use the machine in the gym, it is quite a different story being on the water. I started training from a DVD called The Rower, which actually incorporates Yogic breathing and the results have been tremendous!

Major Look said...

I tried rowing hands down, and that certainly helped.